The Alarm

The Alarm Make Their Stand In St. Louis, August 24th

The Alarm

The Alarm

The 80’s had a lot of fluff and disposable pop bands. Wales’ quartet, The Alarm, was no such novelty act nor one-hit wonders. The Alarm was a soulful, spirited, earnest addition to alternative radio and MTV that actually possessed true grit, real songwriting, and gutsy, earnest vocals. They had the passion of pals U2 and the United Kingdom (England, Scottland, Wales and Ireland) essence of a band like Big Country. While the Alarm enjoyed hit singles like “The Stand,” “Sixty Eight Guns,” “Rescue Me,” and “Strength.” Some critics savaged the band for being too derivative to their jaded ears, but fans never cared. The band has sold millions of albums and continued to tour.

The Alarms’ lead singer, frontman, Mike Peters, has battled cancer several times and come back. Peters has also started a successful charity (Love Hope Strength) and is the subject of a recent documentary, Man in the Camo Jacket. The documentary chronicles Peters’ struggles to overcome cancer and get back to making music and touring. The Alarm will be playing St. Louis this Wednesday, August 24th at The Ready Room.

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