The Melvins, Dale Crover

The Melvins Return To St. Louis’ Ready Room



The Melvins

King Buzzo of The Melvins at the Ready Room.

The Melvins make their return visit to St. Louis. For over 30 years, they have been creating their singular brand of heavy sludge, touring the world, influencing their peers (Nirvana, Tool, Soundgarden, etc.), and releasing album after album. This year has already seen a new solo album (The Fickle Finger of Faith) from The Melvin’s drummer, and founding member, Dale Crover (see our interview with Crover) and a new double-disc release of the Melvin’s latest album, A Walk With Life & Death. Fans can expect to hear all the classics they know and love, and quite possibly, something new.

Tickets are still available for The Melvins’ show at The Ready Room, this Saturday, August 12th. The Melvins, like many bands, may not always be with us. Make sure you see The Melvins. Your grandkids will ask you about the good old days someday, and you don’t want to admit that you never saw The Melvins.

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